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Birds & Birding is a teaching program and seeks to give insight into the wonderful occupation of bird watching. It has been divided up into 5 lessons.

The word ‘birding’ was historically used for those who hunted birds, but now is commonly used to describe those who enjoy observing birds as we go about our daily lives or go out of our way to particularly watch them. Birding here is equivalent to bird watching.

The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1
•  Why go birding?
•  Necessary Equipment
•  Hints on Bird-watching

Lesson 2
•  Ornithology
         •  Characteristics of Birds
         •  Listing of basic Habitat types
•  The Birds of Australia
•  Bird Families Represented in Australian (see Family Album)

Lesson 3
•  Bird Habitats in Northern Victoria
•  Listing of Common Birds of Northern Victoria

Lesson 4
•  Classes of Uncommon birds of Northern Victoria
•  GOVERNMENT LEGISLATION regarding bird protection.
•  Listing of Uncommon birds of Northern Victoria.

Lesson 5
•  Guide for bird outings
•  The Terrick Terrick National Park


Work your way systematically through the lessons or just browse. This site was designed to extend (or develop) your interest in birds and bird watching. Only you can tell if it is/was successful!


After each lesson is a test designed to assess your understanding of the lesson. Birds & Birding is primarily a program for those learning just for interest sake, but if you’d like to test your comprehension, tests are provided for:

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
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