(Submitted by Allison Carins)

1. The first bird Noah sent from the ark.Genesis 8:7
2. Another Bird Noah sent out.Genesis 8:8
3. Which birds found safety in God's house?Psalm 84:3-4
4. A bird that builds its nest very high.Jeremiah 49:16
5. A bird of the wilderness. Psalm 102:6
6. A bird of the desert.Psalm 102:6
7. This bird's house is in the fir trees.Psalm 104:17
8. King Solomon's ships brought these birds from a far country.1 Kings 10:22
9. This bird's eye has not seen a certain path.Job 28:7
10. These birds fed Elijah during the famine.1 Kings 17:6
11. They were food for the Children of Israel in the wilderness.Exodus 16:13
12. She leaves her eggs in the earth because she has no wisdom.Job 39:13-17

This article was published in The Christian Bird Observer’s Magazine, April 1998