The Saviour often used birds to illustrate His teachings. He described the care He provides by comparing it to the protection given by the wings of a hen over her chicks. (Matthew 23:37). He likened a disciple’s life without earthly comfort by contrasting it with that of the bird who has a nest. (Matthew 8:20) He also likened the destruction of the last day to the gathering of vultures (Matthew 24:28), and illustrated the day of judgement as the fowler’s net (Luke 21:35. The Saviour also deduced the Father’s care for His children and the value He placed upon them from His care of the birds (Matthew 6:25ff) and upon the most common of birds, the little Sparrow, (Luke 12:6ff). This last point contrasted very much with the pagan view of god. Cicero said "the gods care for the great, but they neglect the lowly."

This article was published in The Christian Bird Observer’s Magazine, April 2001