We are Christians interested in the study and enjoyment of birds. We seek to apply Christian concepts to the world around us. We believe there is a Christian world and life view - including a Christian view of birds!

The view of the origin, purpose and destiny of this world, its creatures and of knowledge generally is greatly affected by our presuppositions. In our western society today the predominent worldview is secular humanism. We do not believe this is a true view of reality.

That because of the order and design seen in this world, as well as the record of the Bible, we are shown there is a Creator and Preserver of it. We understand He reveals Himself especially in the One who came among us - Jesus of Nazareth as we may read in the Bible

We understand that the science of Theology is the foundation upon which all other sciences, including Ornithology, can only be properly constructed.

In setting up this website we seek to both witness to others of the wonder of a Creator who may be known in Christ Jesus and advance the scientific study of birds from the perspective of historic, Biblical Christianity.